Ammagamma Israel: our 1st international office is set up

We start the new year by announcing the opening of our first foreign office in Haifa in Israel, one of the leading countries in the field of artificial intelligence worldwide. 


On 7 January 2021, our new office was officially opened in collaboration with the partner Interprocess, an Israeli company that has been operating since 1974 to promote industrial cooperation and the diffusion on the Israeli market of products and technologies from Europe, Canada and the United States. 

The partnership with Interprocess has been active since 2019, and is part of the continuity dimension of a constructive relationship between Modena and Israel, which has its roots in a shared history: the Jewish roots of Modena and the Italian roots of modern Judaism intersect in the construction of an entrepreneurial project based on a profound cultural affinity. This long relationship of mutual influencetoday represents a scenario of marked inspiration for a potential future of ever closer cooperation. 


The multiple sectors of shared interest between Italy and Israel, in the scientific, technological and cultural fields, allow the imagining of opportunities and design strategies, increasingly ambitious, of collaboration between the two countries, in the face of the challenges posed by increasingly extensive scenarios of application of artificial intelligence. With the opening of this new Israeli office, today we aim to take another step forward in the drive to develop models of applied mathematics and artificial intelligence that are increasingly competitive and ever more capable of supporting customers in a technological and cultural innovation process


Our ambition is to bring aboutnew solutions to Israeli companies with the intention of generating common value, as David Bevilacqua, our CEO, says: 


"We couldn't be happier and more excited to announce the opening of our first international office in fact in Haifa in Israel. In Israel it is said that "In Jerusalem we pray, in Tel Aviv we have fun and in Haifa we work". This opening represents for us a fundamental step forward, which lays the foundations for new business and research scenarios. Beyond the rhetoric of the Nation start-up, Israel will be a great challenge for us, and undoubtedly a context of great inspiration" 


From the supply chain to food, from multi-utility to the plastic sector, the many industries involvedin the development of AI projects in Israel describe the liveliness of an attentive and mature market. We are already working with several companies to optimize industrial processes through applied mathematics models, and opportunities will soon open up with important new customers. 


"We are proud to announce the opening of Ammagamma's first overseas office in Israel. Our country is considered one of the most important world centers in the field of artificial intelligence. We are truly excited to be able to promote our solutions on the Israeli market, together with our Italian partner. Never before have we needed a new concept of innovation, which I am sure we will be able to promote together” - the comment of Asaf Budin, co-founder of Israeli company Interprocess.