SME Ferrari Roloplast enhances productivity

Scheduling algorithms for the Manufacturing sector


Ferrari Roloplast is a SME in Rolo, in the province of Reggio Emilia, that operates since 1970 in the sector of plastic injection moulding. It is a family-run entity that counts twenty employees and a machine pool of nine presses that everyday transform, assemble and mould extruded plastic materials for industry, certified ISO 9001.


One of the main worries of this company is that of being able to guarantee the best covering of customers’ orders, preventing the risks of late deliveries or raw materials waste.

That is exactly why Ferrari Roloplast turned to us, with the purpose of developing together an innovation path for production processes, to make the production work program scheduling more effective and efficient.



Objectives of the project


- Improve productivity

- Increase scheduling efficacy

- Reduce dispersion of resources and raw materials


Solution adopted


The solution that we realized consists in the production Scheduling, that is a set of algorithms of artificial intelligence that optimizes the production scheduling of the machine pool basing on the specific priority of registered purchase orders. This instrument enables the operators of Ferrari Roloplast to define in advance the most effective scheduling for each machine, anytime, every day of the year.




- Greater production efficiency, the raw material used remaining equal

- Greater efficacy in the work program scheduling  

- Better management of equipment, work shifts and unexpected events


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Production scheduling


Production scheduling is a system of AI that enables to decide in advance the best schedule for a production process, reducing the total planning time and minimizing production costs and assembly time.