De Matteis Agroalimentare increases efficiency with market demand forecasting

AI Solutions for Food industry

The pasta factory De Matteis Agroalimentare is one of the main world players in the production of Italian pasta, with an unmatched growth rate in the sector. The company was set up in Campania in 1993 based on the idea of two entrepreneurial families who, thanks to their commitment and dedication, have transformed what was originally a mill with a small pasta factory into one of the leading pasta producers in the world.


To improve the production efficiency of De Matteis Agroalimentare, given the complexity deriving from the vastness of products and the variability of the different markets, we have implemented an artificial intelligence solution for forecasting demand, which significantly improves forecasting effectiveness.



 Objectives of the project 

- to improve the forecasting performance of product demand 
- to predict the evolution of the market 
- to optimize production planning  

Solution adopted 

We have made available to the company a forecasting system, based on artificial intelligence algorithms, capable of predicting demand over different time windows (short- and long-term) with a high margin of precision. These mathematical models have allowed a 30-50% increase in forecasting effectiveness, depending on the type of product, thus enabling a drastic reduction in errors and obtaining multiple benefits. 


Results achieved 

-  Increased performance ofdemand planning: + 30-50% prediction effectiveness 

- Improved decision making processes
- Greater capacity ofunderstanding market evolution 



Demand Forecasting


Demand Forecasting is a system that is used to manage in advance all the variables that drive the variation in market demand, providing a strategic advantage to production planning. It is a transversal technology that is applied to multiple reference sectors, especially in the presence of large-scale production.