The operations of Gruppo Tea improve by robotizing the process

Robotic process automation for Multiutilities

Gruppo Tea provides services concerning water, energy, and environment on the territory of Mantova (Italy). Having a large portfolio of clients entails an attentive work of assistance and management of a multitude of information: Gruppo Tea bases its operation on a continuous innovation of processes, to offer an efficient service to its clients and a better organization of work to its employees.


For this reason, the company decided to start with us a path of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) aimed to enhance the back-office activity and free operators from repetitive actions with a low added value.



Objectives of the project

- Improve personnel operations
- Speed up back-office processes
- Reduce frequency of errors


Solution adopted

The solution we have developed consists in Robotic Process Automation, that is the creation of an automated software, called "bot", specifically configured on back-office processes, in particular those of the Credits and Takings office. Bots were programmed and tested together with operators to be released inside the respective processes. Every day, before personnel arrives in the office, these systems activate, carry on the operation for which they were created and turn off once their activities are completed. When the process is successful, bots automatically send notices to the operators with all the information necessary to supervision.


Results achieved

- Better operation of personnel: the working hours spent in repetitive activities were recovered
- Greater efficiency in back-office: three processes with low added value were 100% automated.
- Better management of activities: previously outsourced processes were recovered


The comment of Andrea Cobelli, Innovation & digital transformation manager of Gruppo Tea:
The collaboration between human intelligence and artificial intelligence is the new frontier for modern companies, it should be adopted to enable people and machines to work better inside the same organizational context. As well as collaborative robots in industry enhance our muscle capacity, in the same way artificial intelligence enhances our work, freeing it from routine and simple tasks. Here the concept of complementarity becomes fundamental: artificial intelligence supports the human one, but it does not substitute it, and new technologies, such as RPA, allow to rethink work and paint new scenarios, inconceivable a little time ago.


Robotic Process Automation inside our company offered us the possibility to have at our disposal the efficiency of bots, systems able to carry out specific activities automatically, significantly reducing the time necessary to elaborate information and guarantee higher precision and quality of final result. In Gruppo Tea, we imagine a future in which the most monotonous and tiring activities will be entrusted to robots, thus allowing us to devote our people to performing more strategic tasks, the value of which derives from the use of human intellect.” - Matteo Malvicini, Innovation project manager of Gruppo Tea.



Robotic process automation

RPA consists in creating bots that allow to carry out in an automatic way highly repetitive operations with a low added value, permitting to the involved people to devote to more qualified tasks. Bots can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 a year, guaranteeing speed, quality, and efficiency in carrying out their tasks.