The experiential rationality for Modena Creative City

Modena candidate as Creative City UNESCO 2021


Today an event was held to officially present the candidacy of Modena as Creative City UNESCO 2021, in which we had the pleasure to participate with a speech by our Head of Corporate Identity, Luca Baraldi, who presented the Manifesto for Experiential Rationality.


Modena, city of motors, good food and "bel canto", already present in the UNESCO World Heritage list, wants to prove its value also as a city open to future, innovation and digital creativity. We are really proud to have the chance to contribute to a candidacy that is so important at a global level, to become promoters of the image of Modena in the world and to enrich social and cultural development in our territory, through our humanistic approach to innovation, explained in our Manifesto for Experiential Rationality.



Experiential rationality is a revelation to be shared
– 8th point in our Manifesto


"The rationality of mathematics is sensible to the human dimension."


Knowledge is fed by complexity, transversality and thought contamination between scientific disciplines and the humanities. There is no separation between these wisdoms, as Giovanni Pico (one of the fathers of Italian Humanism) reminds us, there is only the continuity of complex thought fed by a convergence and intersection of knowledges, methods, points of view and sensibility.


Our purpose is to enhance this epistemological approach, putting the generative power of mathematics at the service of our community. If on one side today artificial intelligence offers us the opportunity to increase our operational and cognitive capabilities, optimizing processes and forecasting future events, on the other it is radically changing our way to access, produce and use knowledge.


We are facing a real epistemological revolution and, although we still do not know where it will take us, we necessarily have to learn how to understand and manage it. We, human beings, endowed with sensibility and critical sense, are the only ones who have the possibility and responsibility to point this potential patrimony towards new visions and new growth opportunities, for today’s and tomorrow’s society.


"Perception helps to understand rationality."



We thank the Municipality of Modena, the Region Emilia-Romagna, UNESCO, and in particular the council member Andrea Bortolamasi for this wonderful opportunity. Watch live the conference presenting the candidacy of Modena as Creative City UNESCO 2021:


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