A new name resounds in the company: Ammagamma!

by Fabio Ferrari


Ammagamma has a soft and melodic sound, which immediately takes you back to what is arguably Pink Floyd's most experimental album; able to create a new way of composing, and that taught what it means to perfectly harmonize artificial sounds of synthesizers, with the typical structures of classical music. Ammagamma also has the playful and enveloping sound of a palindrome, which deliberately contrasts with the angular rigor of everything that is now associated with Artificial Intelligence. 

Ammagamma therefore has four soft "Ms" and thus renounces angular and cold sounds such as x, y, x, black, AI ... 

In fact, its reassuring musicality reminds us that experimentation is needed, but without ever becoming elitist, because the role to which mathematics must aim is its universal accessibility, using, if necessary, new communication languages. Whoever develops mathematical models today must be able to create a perfect harmonic balance between experimentation and essentiality, so that mathematics can give sound to our future, in a way that is sensitive and clear for everyone. 

Ammagamma is perhaps how we feel today, at a time of very high experimentation, of artificial dissonances and human virtuosity, at a time that precedes the recording of what we have always dreamt of being mathematically our Dark side of the Moon. Without constantly experimenting on new waveforms, synths and classical scores, at the cost of creating a seemingly chaotic project, universal language is not created. 


Ammagamma is also a new visual and communicative imagery in the world of Artificial Intelligence. As with the progressive world, the graphic aspect takes on an important meaning for us too. The aesthetic search concerning the technical aspect is reflected on every type of content useful to enrich and facilitate the understanding of the story. 


This is the era of Ammagamma!